Last week at the Sunshine Swim Center, we had a visitor from Ameri-Brand Products Inc. He came out to measure our pool deck for a pool dome.

You might be asking yourself what a pool dome is, since this will be the first one in our area. 

A pool dome, or as it is often times referred to as a “bubble” is a temporary pool enclosure.  It looks a little like a dome tent and its purpose is to protect the pool space from the cool weather elements to allow swimming during the Fall and winter months more enjoyable.

The dome is raised and kept inflated very similarly to a jump house.  It has blowers that fill the dome with air and has lights on the inside, the space will be large enough to move a number of our rectangular tables inside so parents and families will still be able to observe their swimmers during lessons.

The inside of the dome will be a comfortable 71 degrees; without the threat the wind and rain.  This also enables us to keep the temperature of the pool a fixed 84-87 degrees.

We are so excited about our “Bubble” and will keep you up to date with its construction.  As always, we look forward to seeing you on the pool deck soon!

Check out the following pages for current swim programs at Sunshine Swim Center.

Group Swim Classes

Private Swim Lessons

Swim Team Programs

 We will also be offering Pool Parties during the winter months under the dome.  Be the first of your friends to celebrate with a winter time pool party!

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