Swim Lesson Policies

Sunshine Swim Center Policies for Programs held at 9360 Elk Grove Florin Road, Suite 4, Elk Grove, California, 95624.

For Group Lessons:
Parent participation is required for PARENT/TOT classes only. ALL GROUP LESSONS will be lead by an instructor teaching from either inside or outside of the pool.  We are continuing to limit the amount of close proximity interactions with students for the safety of your swimmer and the instructors.

Guidelines for the Assisting Family Member- Parent Tot

  • Must be proficient in the water.
  • Must be over 15 years old.
  • Must be able to stand and walk in water up to 5 ft deep.
  • Must be prepared to be in the water for every lesson.
  • Must wear appropriate swimming attire:
    • Swimming Suit/Trunks (Required)
    • Rash Guard (optional)
    • Swim Shorts (optional)
    • Hat (optional)
    • Sunglasses (optional)

 Charging for Lessons

Your payments will not automatically taken at the time of enrollment.  Instead all payments will be charged to the card after being reviewed by our account manager; within the business week, please familiarize yourself with the transfer of classes/program policies.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the credit card information is on file and current.  IF CHARGE IS DECLINED, OR NO CARD IS ON FILE, STUDENT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DROPPED FROM THEIR SCHEDULED CLASS.

Annual Membership Fee

A one-time annual membership fee of $35.00 per swimmer or $60.00 per family is required with the first enrollment of the year for all participants. (January- December)

Returned Checks

A reprocessing fee of $25.00 will be collected for checks that are returned due to insufficient funds. This payment in addition to the original payment will need to be made within 3 days of notification of Non Sufficient Funds. Students will not be allowed to participate until payment is made.

Refunds and Cancellations

There are no refunds for SSFC programs. Transfers or postponements only; based on policies.

Group Lesson Make-ups/Cancellations:

Please do not assume class is cancelled if it is raining. Make ups will not be granted if you choose not to come to class. Rescheduling for missed classes is not available for month-to-month group lessons.

If Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center cancels a class for any reason (such as lightning or accident in the pool) a make-up time will be scheduled for any classes that are stopped prior to 15 minutes into the lesson.  If Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center cannot provide a make-up time, a credit will be issued to the member’s Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center account.  All families affected by the pool closure will be sent an email to their “on file” email address notifying families of when the make-up class is scheduled for.  If a make-up time is scheduled, it is at the family’s discretion to attend the make-up class.  No credits will be given if the family does not attend the make-up class.  Also, partial credits will not be distributed for classes that exceed the 15-minute mark.

Private Lesson Make-ups/Cancellations:

A minimum of 24 hours notification is required for a make-up class to be granted; same day cancellations are not eligible for a make-up class.  During a 4-day private lesson session only 1 make-up class will be granted for a pre-scheduled missed day.  For an 8-day private lesson session 2 make-up classes will be granted for pre-scheduled missed days.  Once your make-up class has been scheduled; that date and time will be the only opportunity for the make-up.  We are no longer granting rescheduling of make-up classes due to excessive cancellations and no shows.  For semi-private lessons the same criteria and restrictions apply.

Transfer of Classes/ Programs

There are No Refunds. If your schedule changes and you need to adjust your swim schedule you may transfer to a different day/time or session up until the close of business on the Thursday before the first day of the session you are scheduled for.  Attempting to drop a class after the final transfer date will result in loss of spot and no option for transfer or credit for class to your Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center account.  It is the responsibility of the family to contact the Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center for any changes in the enrollment of their swimmer(s) prior to the Thursday before the start of the session.  There are no refunds.

Sunshine Gator Swim Team Cancellation Policy

A $100.00 cancellation fee will be charged to the family, on the credit card on file, if a family decides to discontinue attending practices at any portion of the season.  All cancellation requests must be in writing and be approved by the Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center management.  The Sunshine Gator swim team program is a 4-month commitment.  There are limited number of spots on the team, and once enrolled, the participating swimmer is agreeing to keeping the commitment of the full 4-months; being charge $179.00 at the first of every month of the season.

Ongoing Class Policies

Ongoing class policies vary from month-to-month classes. Ongoing classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
1. A minimum of a 3-month commitment is required for ongoing classes. If there is early cancelation the family will be charge $50.00 per student.
2.  Notification to discontinue the on-going program must be completed before the 15th of the current month to take effect for the following month and  is required in writing/email to the Aquatic Director at [email protected]
3. Class enrollment is guaranteed each session while in the ongoing class program.
4. Make-ups are granted for private, semi-private and group lessons. Parents must notify Sunshine Swim Center by phone or email of missed class no less than 24 hours in advance. Families will have up to 2 months to schedule and complete the make up class. Make up classes must be registered in advance. Up to 2 make-ups per student, per session are allowed.

Sunshine Referral Benefits

Take advantage of our referral benefits while swimming at Sunshine Swim Center.   Earn a $25.00 credit on your Sunshine account to be used for a future enrollment when a new family enrolls in classes at Sunshine on your recommendation.  The new in-coming family will also be awarded $25.00 to be used on their first session of classes.  

Questions and Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child there is a 5-minute transition period between the classes to briefly speak with their instructor.  You may also bring your questions and concerns to the attention of the Aquatic Director, Kristin Threw, [email protected]

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