Swim Programs are they all the same?

Ask yourself these 3 questions before looking for a swim school

What is your goal?

What do you want your swimmer to achieve during a swim program?  Fun summer activity, just the basics of water safety, or life long swimming career.

If your goal is that your child has a great summer activity, you may consider a summer camp that incorporates swimming lessons; an all-around fun time. Potential swim team?  Does the school you are looking at offer a year-round program; perhaps a swim team affiliation.  This can help you determine a swim school that’s right for you.

How old is your swimmer, and what is their past experience?

Is your swimmer an infant or toddler, adolescent or teen? Have they taken classes before?

The age of your student.  Once again group and private lessons are available almost everywhere.  But should you choose a parent tot class for your 2-year-old or a private lesson.  The same is true for teen swimmers; if your teen is new to swimming find out if classes at the swim school you are looking into are based on age or ability.  Sometimes it is better for new teen swimmers to take a few private lessons at first to build their confidence and then jump ahead to a more advanced level.  Their fine and gross motor skills and coordination is more advanced than a younger swimmer and can pick up and master the skill more quickly.

What kind of schedule are you wanting?

Are you looking for a flexible schedule?

Swimming progress correlates directly with the amount of practice time in the water.  Taking only one class a week verses 4 days a week will have a significant impact on how quickly your swimmer will master skills.  It is understandable when families are juggling activities for multiple kids and 4 days a week is not an option but remember to be patient, their swim progress may be slower but they will still achieve the goals you have set for them.

Not all programs are the same so do your research to find the best program for you and your swimmer. For more information about Sunshine Swim Center in Elk Grove, California visit our website at  https://sunshineswimcenter.com/

Article by Kim Amali, Co-Owner of Sunshine Swim Center


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