I know it seems like summer is the best time to take swim lessons.  Can’t argue that the weather definitely sure does help with the decision.  And, it seems logical that as the weather changes we take a break from the pool, but here are  4 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Swimming.

1. Maintaining Progress

Swimming is a skill that must be constantly practiced to maintain a certain level of success.  Just like you enroll your children in the library’s summer reading program to make sure the keep up with their reading skills.  Commitment to practice could be as little as 2 days a week. 25-30 minutes each day of practice will provide the swimmer time to practice previously learned skills with the potential of introducing new skills.

2. Quiet Atmosphere

Take advantage of the “off months”.  Many people enroll in swim lessons for the summer but a few swim schools are open in the fall, winter and early spring as well.  During this time there is less commotion at the pool, class sizes can be smaller and the instructors are able to provide even more individualized attention.

3.  Weather

A temperature controlled pool is ideal for practicing year round; even on the cooler days.  Swimming in the rain can also be a fun experience (Of course if there is a storm classes will be rescheduled)

4. Healthy, Fit and Sleepy Kids

Swimming is a whole body workout. When using correct form and practicing regularly it can improve cardiovascular health, build long, lean muscles, and strengthen core muscles that help with posture, balance and back health.   The added benefits for parents, a by-product of good exercise, are children who eat and sleep better. Consider swimming as your after school activity all year long.

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