Pool Parties

4 Reasons to choose a pool party for your next special occassion.

  1.  The Entertainment is Covered.  The pool is a great place for all sorts of fun activities for all ages.
  2. Plenty of Elbow Room.  Outside, your guests will have plenty of room to have a good time.
  3. Easy Clean up.  Party planning is hard work. With your guests outside you’ll have less to clean up when tired after pulling off an awesome party.
  4. Lasting Memories.  You are creating memorable moments like no others for your friends and loved ones by having a pool party.  Memories that will last a lifetime.
Sunshine Around Town

Pool Parties at Sunshine

Available Saturday or Sunday

Pricing – $295.00 

  • 2-hour pool party
  • Up to 35 total guests.
  • Lifeguard
  • Party host
  • 12 tables with seating under shade structure
  • 15 minutes of set-up time, 15 minutes of break-down time (outside of reservation time)

Additional Lifeguard: $20.00 per hour (required for every additional 35 guests, up to a maximum of 70 guests)

Additional Time: $125.00 per hour

Party Start Time:
Spring Hours: 2:00pm Saturday or Sunday

Summer Hours: 1:00 or 4:30pm Saturday or Sunday
All parties must end by dusk

At-Home Lifeguarding Service

Available Saturday or Sunday

Pricing – $50.00 per hour

  • 1 lifeguard required for every 12 swimmers.
  • Additional lifeguard is $40.00 per hour.
  • Limited to 24 swimmers at party.
  • $10.00 additional fee for travel if residence is greater than a 10 mile radius from the Sunshine Swim Center. 9360 Elk Grove Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624.
  • Pool parties with greater than 24 swimmers? Consider having a private pool party at Sunshine Swim Center.

Day of Event:

Guard(s) will arrive at your home 10 minutes prior to the start of the swim time. Set up equipment, discuss rules of the pool, and water watcher responsibilities.

Every hour, there will be a mandatory 10 minute pool break.  Everyone will exit the pool and guard will move to the shade, take a break; water, food, bathroom.

Guard will come prepared:

  • Dressed in Uniform
  • Emergency Equipment: Whistle, guard tube, mask & small trauma kit
  • Current lifeguard certification card
  • Water watcher lanyards.

Party Time Frame:

Minimum of 2 hours to as long as a 5-1/2 hour pool party
All parties must end by dusk

Pool Party Safety Preparation

  1. Designate Lifeguards and Water Watchers
    1. Lifeguards are necessary for oversight of pool party activities during an event. It allows you, as the host to focus on other details of the party.
    2. Water Watchers are responsible adults who agree to watch the swimmers in the water without distraction.  This is a second layer of protection, especially important if you have a slide, diving board, inflatable rafts or tube in your pool.  Also, the water watcher will be responsible for ensuring non-swimmers keep on their life vests. The lifeguard can not take away his/her attention from the pool to put a life vest back on a child.  These designated adults would take 15 minute shifts to be another pair of eyes in an effort to keep the water safe.
  2. Provide life jackets
    1. Don’t rely on your guests to ensure their little ones who can’t swim are not jumping in the pool.  We recommend you having a few Coast Guard Approved life vests on hand.
    2. All children under 4 years old should be required to wear a lifevest. In our experience, there are quite a number of school age children who have little to no swim experience, they should also be wearing a life vest.
    3. Advising parents ahead of time to bring their child’s life vest would be wise, as well as, encouraging parents to swim with their child.
  3. Keep Safety Equipment On-hand
    1. Safety equipment should be available poolside at all times. For pool and hot tub safety, check out Red Cross.
  4. Make Sure Everyone Knows the Rules
    1. Sunshine lifeguards have general pool rules they adhere to.  If there are other rules you would like to include they will enforce those as well.
      • No Running
      • No Rough housing
      • No Glass
      • No Unattended Children in the Pool
      • No Inflatable Personal Floatation Devices

Putting these elements in place ahead of time will allow for a fun time while still being serious about safety!

Sunshine Swim Center offers both At-Home pool parties as well as parties  at the Sunshine Swim Center facility.  For questions, take a quick moment to fill-out an inquiry form and one of our managers will get in touch with you shortly.  Pool Party Inquiry Form. 

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