Elk Grove Kids Camp Disguising Learning in Fun

Elk Grove Kids Camp

Open All Year Round

Disguising learning in fun.

At Elk Grove Kids Camp we take pride in bringing new and exciting experiences to our campers. Whether they join us for a day, a week, or a month there is always a new adventure.
Take a moment to learn more about our daily activities and routines.

-How to Prepare for Camp –

How to Dress

  • Campers are  to wear regular clothing to camp with closed toed shoes- Not swim cover-ups or flip flops
  • Campers should wear their swim attire under their camp clothes – choose a swimsuit your child can remove easily themselves so they can independently use the bathroom. 

What to Pack – Use a reusable grocery bag, backpack or duffle bag with all items labeled with your campers name.  Cubbies are 12”x12” please do not over pack for your child.

  • Lunch and a few extra snacks (prepared. Ready to eat)
  • Reusable water bottle ( we will be going on outings every morning.  We can refill water at camp)
  • 1 Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat and/or sunglasses
  • Slip on shoes for the pool deck and using the restroom
  • Undergarments for after swimming
  • Life Jacket (can be kept throughout the week at the pool)

Toys, games, sports equipment, electronics must stay at home.  No exceptions.  If it is necessary for you to contact your child during camp,  you must call the office at 916-513-7015.  Campers will not have their phones available to them.

Activities at Camp  

All Activities have been designed with all age groups and interests in mind. 


  • Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM the campers will be going on an outing.  Off camp grounds;  we have several beautiful nature walks within blocks of Sunshine Swim Center as well as parks such as Mendoza Park.  During our walks and trips to the park there will be games and activities planned that relate to our theme for the day.
  • Also throughout the day campers will be given time outside, on-site in the play yard.

Indoor Activities

All camp activities are based around daily and or weekly themes

  • When your camper arrives, there will be stations for independent play while everyone gets adjusted for the day. Some of these activities include; movement and play such as balloon volleyball, other activites like floor tic, tac, toe or puzzles exercise their problem-solving skills, and we won’t forget our creative campers with various art activities. Or maybe your camper would love to start their day in our reading library.

  • Once everyone has arrived for the day; around 9:00am we’ll begin our group table activities, this could include a table discussion around a specific topic or a group activity to learn more about their table mates.

  • Then it’s time to move around playing fun ice breaker games before we head out on one of our walking field trips.

  • There will be time before lunch and after swim to for fun lessons, we might using play-doh and making animal tracks

    as we learn about animals or maybe we might be building a marble maze while we consider how things move. 

Swim Lessons and Free Swim Time – Every day from 1:00pm – 3:00pm

  • Ratio of campers to leaders is 6:1 while on the pool deck
  • Campers will be encouraged to play in the water during free swim. (a portion of the time will be structured games and activities while other time will be free choice.)
  • Campers who have registered for Add-On group swim lessons will be pulled aside, by a certified swim instructor, for a 25-minute class during free swim time Monday – Thursday
  • Campers who are not proficient swimmers must wear a life jacket at all times of free swim. Life jacket provided by the family.
    • We can keep the jacket at the pool all week. We will hang to dry.

Additional Information about swim time

  • Mondays – All campers will head to the pool early; 12:30, to complete their swim test.
  • Swim test…
    • Without goggles camper will jump into deep end
    • Swim away from wall 7 yards
    • Roll over and float on back for 10 seconds
    • Roll to stomach and then swim to side of pool
    • Pull themselves out of the water without the use of the ladder or stairs
  • If they are not able to complete these skills efficiently, they will need to wear a life vest during free swim time.  A swimmer can request to be tested again on subsequent days if they so desire.
  • Life vests are not used during swim lessons

Every day is a new adventure at Elk Grove Kids Camp.

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