Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Programs – Currently booking March – August classes.  

There is a swim lesson program for everyone at Sunshine Swim Center.

Group lessons include swim programs such as; “Parent Tot”, “Learn to Swim”, Intermediate, Advanced and Clinic Programs.

Private Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons are for any age.  One-on-One instruction puts your swimmer on the fast track of swimming success.

Adult Programs encourage individuals to get back in the pool, get in some exercise and have some fun. Private lessons, and independent lap swim can add some variety to your workout routine.

Take advantage of our Free Trial Group Classes.


Enrollment Options


  • No contract
  • Pay as you go
  • You’re in control of scheduling each month (no guarantees)
  • Select days
  • No make-ups for missed classes
  • Can enroll from parent portal

Ongoing Enrollment

  • 2-month minimum contract
  • Automatic payment
  • Priority enrollment
  • Select days
  • Make-ups for missed classes
  • Must contact office to arrange

Group Swim Lessons

Sunshine Swim Center has developed a unique and time proven swim lesson program.  Correct technique is the key building block for a lifetime of swimming success.

Private Swim Lessons

Individualized attention and tailor-made lesson plans will have your swimmer on the fast-track to success. Sunshine Swim Center private lessons are a fantastic option for all ages 6 months through adults.

Sunshine Swim Center Adult

Adult Programs

At Sunshine Swim Center adults can choose from 2 programs; private swim lessons or independent lap swimming/water fitness.  Switch up your routine with a great, challenging water workout.

Safety at Sunshine

Safety is our #1 priority at Sunshine Swim Center, not only in the pool but around the pool deck as well.

We’d like to take a moment to share with you the safety measures we have put in place to help you feel more at ease during your time with us.

First, we are so glad to be an outside pool.  Open air and social distancing is very doable on our pool deck.

  • Masks are required to be worn when walking on the pool deck by everyone
  • Temperatures will be taken at the entrance
  • Seating under our shade structure is distanced and disinfected after each use
  • Staff is required to complete a health screening before they start their shift; including temperature checks.
  • Masks or face shields are required to be worn by all staff members while at work
  • Bathrooms are open to families and are cleaned hourly.
  • The Sunshine pool chemicals are checked twice daily to ensure they are at the correct levels to promote a healthy swimming environment.


Hello Swim Families,


Let’s talk THE POOL DOME.  After November 1st when you arrive for your swim classes there will be a dome over the pool. The dome will stay up until the end of March.


Please make sure everyone who will be bringing your swimmer to their lesson/practice is aware of these these changes for the winter season.




There is a bit of a learning curve for swim lessons under the dome.  It’s crucial that these guidelines are followed very carefully to make sure every stays safe.    Kristin our Aquatic Director, Celeste our Pool Deck Supervisor, as well as Sophia our Pool Party Manager and our amazing staff will assist you in understanding the system. 


Pathway to get onto the pool deck… We will be using the back pool door to come onto the pool deck (the door we have been using as an exit, by the outdoor showers).  The blue door will be locked and not an entrance or exit while the dome is up.  Please use the parking lot on the westside of the pool; do not park by the back door to avoid running over our swimmers. As well as for emergency vehicle access.


How the dome stays inflated…   The dome is kept in the air by the constant (flow of air) provided by 4 blowers.  With this said, to enter the dome you must enter through a dual air lock system so the air does not rapidly escape.  Our staff will assist you in understanding the system.  Please be patient in learning how to use the doors.  Children are not allowed to operate the dome door, looks fun, but it is a $50K peice of equipment to keep us warm this winter.


Mitagating the health and safety of our patrons… though we have space to seat families inside the dome we are continuing to ask you limit the observers to 1 person per family.  We are still under the indoor mask mandate required for all observers over the age of 2.  The tables under the shade structure, outside the dome, will be available to sit at during lessons if you would prefer not to use a mask.  Also, strollers will not be allowed in the dome.  If there is a need to quickly exit the dome additional objects can cause congestion in the inner walkways and will be difficult to move around.  


Keeping the space clean… food or drinks are not allowed in the dome with the exception of water.  Cleaning inside the dome of food is extremely difficult, food and drinks must be kept outside. 


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