Sprint Gators Winter Season

Join the Sprint Gators at Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center!
Registration Opens October 1, 2018

Informational Meeting October 24, 2018 @ 6:00pm

Swimming is a sport that is non-generational.  When you become a swimmer you really can be a swimmer for life, starting from Parent-Tot like classes to general swim lessons, maturing to competitive swim team, scholarships for collegiate swimming to masters programs. But where do you cross over from lessons to competition, through the Sprint Gators Swim Team program

At Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center we bring to you an introductory swim team program.  It is a stepping stone into the competitive sport of swimming.  In this program you do not need to be a proficient swim when you start, we will teach you.  Starting with the basic skills of swimming and building a strong technical foundation.  As a Sprint Gator you will be introduce to the demands of a swim team.  Regular, multiple days a week of practice (minimum of 3), structured work outs that are challenging; focussed on technique and endurance, monthly intersquad swim meets, as well as team building activities. Parents will be asked to volunteer their time as well a few hours a month, to help support the program.  All of these elements are what being a part of a swim team is all about.

As your swimmer develops their skills, we keep a close eye.  The Sprint Gator program is but the starting point of your swimmers career.  Once your swimmer has mastered the four competitive strokes and is able to match the qualifying times of USA swimming standards, we will introduce you to our local partner in the USA swimming arena; Elk Grove Aquatics Club, providing you with a more extensive glimpse into the world of a competitive swimmer.

The Sprint Gator swim team program at Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center is the only one of its kind.  Entering our 5th season we have had over 300 children in this program and many who have graduated on to local competitive swim team programs with great success.

For more details about Sprint Gators please visit our webpage https://sunshineswimcenter.com/swim-team/

We look forward to seeing you on the pool deck soon!

Sprint Gators Elk Grove Swim Team

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