Winter Season November 26-March 29 (registration open)

Considering swim team for your family?  Get your feet wet with our hybrid team program.  Taking our small group lessons to focus on strengthening technique, adding the commitment of 3-4 days a week of practice during the 4-month season, and throwing in a little friendly competition with once-a-month inter-squad swim meets.

Elk Grove Aquatics Club and Sunshine Swim Center have joined forces to develop the next generation of swimmers … become a part of our Gators swim team.

Winter Swim Team Informational Meeting will be October 24 @ 6pm

Swim assessments are required for new incoming swim team members. Returning team members will be assessed during current swim season.

Why should I join a swim team?

Competitive swimming programs provide many benefits to young athletes including self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and time management skills. Competition allows the swimmer to experience success and to learn how to treat success and failure as two sides of the same coin, while becoming healthy and physically fit.

What are the Sprint Gators?

The Sprint Gators are a recreational swim team. The Sprint Gator Program is for swimmers ages 4-15.  The program operates year round in three different seasons (August- November, December- March & April-July) . This program is a fun and family friendly introduction to USA swimming. Children will practice a manageable 3-4 days’ week for 25- minutes Monday-Thursday or hour practices twice a week.  An additional 60 minute Friday practice is offered as well for swimmers who are able to demonstrate one lap of correct freestyle and backstroke. (By Invitation)

Will there be competitions? (Swim Meets)

Yes, the Sprint Gators compete monthly in inter-squad competitions. (Tentatively the first Friday night of every month, in place of Friday night practice).  The inter-squad meets will be held at the Sunshine Swim Center pool, 9360 Elk Grove Florin Road, Suite 4, Elk Grove, CA 95624.

Once your swimmer has achieved  time standards for USA swimming in all four strokes, you will be able to practice and compete with the EGAC Gators.

How do I Join?

All swimmers will have a swim assessment at Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center. Based on ability swimmers will be put into a small group program  (up to 6 swimmers), with other team members.  Students will be working on mastering the four competitive stroke; Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast stroke, and Butterfly.

Beginning, Goldfish, Sunfish, Blowfish and Otter Levels practice Monday -Thursday either from 5:00 – 5:25pm or 5:30-5:55pm. At the end of each month swimmers are evaluated and assigned to new small groups based on their progress.

Intermediate (Sprint Gator Clinic 1) and Advance (Pre-Team) swimmers are assigned to Clinics, this program meets three days a week.

Sprint Gator Clinic 1: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 5:00-5:55pm and on Fridays from 6:00-6:55pm.
Pre-Team: Tuesday/Thursday from 5:00-5:55 and on Fridays from 6:00-6:55pm

By invitation, for those swimmers who are able to proficiently swim one lap of freestyle and one lap of backstroke, a Friday practice from 6:00-6:55pm is also available. During these practices, swimmers will work to become proficient in all fundamental swimming skills, building endurance and eventually work towards stroke and racing techniques.

What is the commitment and cost?

The Sprint Gators is a 4 month commitment; April – July, August-November, December-March.


Total cost of the program is $636.00; divided up into 4 monthly payments of $159 per swimmer. The first months fee will be charged at the time of registration, the remaining will be collected monthly, on the first of each month, for the duration of the program.

*If unable to keep the 4 month commitment, a $100.00 drop-fee will be taken the month you leave the program. 30 days advanced notice in writing is needed when canceling.

Does my child already need to know how to swim? Is there an age requirement?

Your swimmer must be 4 years old and must be able to fully submerge themselves into the water, kick 5 yards forward, float on their back for 10 seconds and jump into the pool all without assistance.

After the summer, what if my swimmer wants to continue?

We hope to provide all athletes with not only the necessary skills to be a part the Elk Grove Aquatics club (EGAC) but also a love for
swimming. EGAC has qualifying times. Swimmers will be tested at the completion of the swim season. Swimmers whose times qualify can join EGAC during their upcoming season enrollment. If your swimmer is not quite ready for the EGAC program, they can re-enroll in the following Sprint Gator swim season at Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center.  The Sprint Gators is run in 3 seasons:  April-July, August-November, December-March.


All swimmers must become members of USA swimming in order to participate in Saturday practices or USA meets.

What is Elk Grove Aquatics Club? (EGAC)

Elk Grove Aquatics Club has been providing a positive experience for swimmers of all ages for over 20 years. We have a team of trained coaches working with the Head Coach to help each swimmer reach his or her full potential. We are a year-round, competitive league in the Sierra Nevada Local Swim Commitee (LSC) of USA Swimming. This means that each swimmer and family has access to a wide range of resources from both a local team and a national swimming organization.

What is USA Swimming?

USA Swimming is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States from beginners to the Olympic level.

We look forward to seeing you on the pool deck!

Interested in Joining?

Contact us for more details about joining our swim team.

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