Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

At the Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center, we understand not every person learns the same way.  Some individuals flourish in a group learning setting while others have more success working one-on-one.  The private swim lessons at Sunshine are tailor-made for each swimmer.  Adults and young swimmers alike can benefit from private classes. Swimmers who are new to the sport, are fearful of the water, are looking for adaptive lessons, or even need a flexible scheduling option, will see positive results with private swim lessons.

Are you already a confident swimmer?  Independent lap swimming or water fitness is also offered at Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center.  Throughout the week, during our calmer parts of the day, lap swimming or water fitness is available to members 18 years and older.  It can be an added program for adults who are taking private lessons and would like to practice throughout the week.  Swimming also compliments any fitness routine; low impact, high resistance, full-body workout.  Of course our pool is also a great depth for those individuals who would like to strengthen their core and gain flexibility in their joints with water walking type exercise.

private swim lessons

Private Swim Lessons

All pricing is based on a 4-week session.  You may choose from 1, 2 or 3 day a week options. The $25.00 Annual Membership Fee per swimmer (January 2018-December 2018) will be added to your first payment of the year.

1 day per week – $159.00
2 days per week – $295.00
3 days per week – $425.00

24- lessons package  $749.00 (Can be used for one individual or multiple swimmers; up to 3 months of lessons)

Private lessons are offered every 30 minutes

Tuesday and Thursday
Mornings – 10:00a and 12:30p
Afternoons – 3:00p and 6:30p

Saturday and Sunday
Morning 9:30p-12:00p

Returned Checks

A reprocessing fee of $25.00 will be collected for checks that are returned due to insufficient funds. This payment in addition to the original payment will need to be made within 3 days of notification of Non Sufficient Funds. Students will not be allowed to participate until payment is made.

Refunds and Cancellations

There are no refunds for SSFC programs.

Group Lesson Make-ups/Cancellations:

If SSFC cancels a class for any reason (such as lightning or accident in the pool) a make-up time will be scheduled for any classes that are stopped prior to 15 minutes into the lesson. If SSFC cannot provide a makeup time, a credit will be issued to the member’s SSFC account.  Partial credits will not be distributed for classes that exceeded the 15 minute mark. If a makeup time is provided, credits will not be issued.

Please do not assume class is cancelled if it is raining. Make ups will not be granted if you choose not to come to class. Rescheduling for missed classes is not available for group lessons.

Private Lesson Make-ups/Cancellations:

A minimum of 24 hours notification is required for a make-up class to be granted; same day cancellations will not be made up.

Class Transfers- Group Lessons/Programs

If your schedule changes and you need to transfer classes, (time/session) you may do so up to 72 hours before the first day of the session. A $15 transfer fee will be due at the time of transfer per a participant.  Attempting to drop a class after the final transfer date, will result in loss of spot, no option for transfer or credit for class to your Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center account. It is the responsibility of the family to contact the Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center for any changes in the enrollment of their swimmer(s) prior to 72-hours before the start of the session.

Questions and Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child there is a 5-minute transition period between the classes to briefly speak with their instructor.  You may also bring your questions and concerns to the attention of the managers on deck; Sara Vaughn and Kim Amali, to be addressed at anytime.

Semi-private lessons are the unicorn of our swim lesson program.  Small group setting with the flexible scheduling of a private lesson.

We strongly recommend scheduling a swim assessment before registering for classes.  During the FREE swim assessment, swimmers will be evaluated to determine which swim level they will best be suited for.  Assessments take up to 10 minutes per swimmer and must be scheduled with the office in advance.

*Please understand, if you choose not to complete an assessment and during the first lesson, we determine that your student is not appropriate for the level you selected, we will need to find a class that is more suitable. We will do our best to place your child in a class similar to the time and days you selected,  but are not able to make that guarantee.

  • Things to Know
  • An Assessment must be done in advance to ensure the swimmers are of the same or similar ability.
  • Up to 3 swimmers can be in a semi-private lesson together (can be siblings or family friends close in age)
  • 24-hour notice is required to be granted a make-up if you cannot attend class; all students must miss for a make-up to be granted. If only one student is missing and the class is held the one student will not be eligible for a make-up class.

Cost $42.00 per class. Not per student.

The total cost will be divided equally between each participating family depending on the number of students.
Example – Meeting 1 day a week for 4 weeks Total cost is $168.00. 2 students cost would be $84 each or for 3 students $56.00 each.

Lap Swim

Lap swimming is for individuals 18 years and older. Swimming is a great form of exercise with many benefits.

Throughout the week, at select times, lanes are available for swimmers to lap swim who do not want swim instruction but would like to add swimming to their fitness routine.

Cost: $7.00 per day  or $40.00 per month.

Current Lap Hours:

Tuesday & Thursdays 12:00am-4:00pm
Friday 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00am-12:30pm

Visit our office to enroll

Can’t express how happy we are with the coaches, Kim and Sarah are awesome. They listen to your goals and then execute lessons to hopefully meet your expectations. They got my daughter ready for her first year of competitive swimming. You can’t put a dollar amount when your child smiles after swimming! E. Camarino

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