Group Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons

Year round group swim lessons are for ages 3-15 yrs. old. Sunshine Swim & Fitness Center has developed a unique and time proven group swim lessons program.  Offering small group classes allows for the instructor to provide more individualized attention to each participant. Beginning levels have a maximum of 3 students, 4 swimmers intermediate levels and up to 6 in advanced classes. Our instructors clock in over 20 hours of swim lesson training specific to our programs prior to teaching classes at our facility, it is also important to us they are regularly observed and evaluated throughout their time on deck. We love what we do and want to be sure your swimmer(s) have a great experience!

If you are looking for one-on-one classes, tailor-made for your swimmer, check out our private lesson program.

Group Swim Lessons

Listed below are the group swim lesson levels and what skills the students will be working on in class.

We strongly recommend scheduling a swim assessment before registering for group swim lessons.  During the FREE swim assessment, swimmers will be evaluated to determine which swim level they will best be suited for.  Assessments take up to 7 minutes per swimmer and must be scheduled with the office in advance.

*Please understand, if you choose not to complete an assessment and during the first lesson, we determine that your student is not appropriate for the level you selected, we will need to find a class that is more suitable. We will do our best to place your child in a class similar to the time and days you selected,  but are not able to make that guarantee.


Sunshine Swim Center Elk Grove Beginning Swimmers


Tadpoles (ages 3-5): New to the water environment, these little swimmers will learn how to navigate in the water submerging themselves, blowing bubbles, and floating in front and back positions with heavy assistance from the instructor. Class stays close to the wall and sits on the stairs. (3 students maximum per class)

Frogs (ages 3 and up): Swimmers will learn how to propel themselves through the water, float on their backs independently, learn basic safety rules and jump into the pool and swim to the side.  Class stays close to the wall and sits on the stairs.(3 students max. per class)

Sea Stars (ages 3 and up): Gaining more independence in this level, students will be swimming distances of up to 15 feet independently.  Using both their arms and legs in a coordinated effort to travel farther distances and well as learn to rescue roll to take breaths. (3 students max. per class)


Sunshine Swim Center Elk Grove Intermediate Swimmers


Goldfish (ages 3 and up): Swimmers in this level will be working on the development of their freestyle technique; still rolling over to take breaths, learn the basics of using a kick board for distance and practice swimming with no goggles on for portions of the class.  The target swimming distance is 7 yards for this level. (4 students maximum per class)

Sunfish (ages 4 and up): Swimmers will learn the progression of freestyle side breathing (front crawl breathing). Swimmers will continue to work on rotation and floating skills, and be introduced to treading water. Students will swim distances of up to 12 yards.  (4 students maximum per class)

Blowfish (ages 5 and up): Swimmers will learn: freestyle/front crawl with side breathing, introduction to backstroke, shallow dives as well as from the top of the wall. Continuing with the use of the kick board swimmers will be aiming for 25 yards. Students will be swimming distances of 15 yards or greater without the kick board in the level.  (4 students maximum per class)


Sunshine Swim Center Elk Grove Advanced Swimmers


Otter: Swimmers will be focusing on learning backstroke, continuing working on side breathing and more advanced safety skills such as deep water bobbing and treading water for 30 seconds. (6 students maximum per class)

Sting Ray: At this level of swimming, students will now be expected to swim distances greater than 50 yards at a time without stopping.  In this process it is necessary to learn how to complete flip turns at the walls, dives, alternate breathing, and tread water for a minute.  (6 students maximum per an instructor)

Sea Turtle: Swimmers will learn the basics of breaststroke. Swimmers will continue to work on alternate (side) breathing as well as learn to transition from one stroke to another within a given set. (6 students maximum per an instructor)

Flying Fish: Swimmers will learn the basics of butterfly in this level, in addition to building endurance and stamina for all other competitive strokes.

Clinics: Swimmers must be able to effectively demonstrate  50 yards (2 laps) of freestyle and backstroke; incorporating flip turns/cross over turns at each wall and 25 yards of correct breast stroke and butterfly to participate in swim clinics.  These lessons are 55-minutes in duration.  (12 students maximum per instructor)​


** Group classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels will be offered during the winter months in 2018 and 2019. 

All pricing is based on (8) 25-minute lessons. The $25.00 Annual Membership Fee per swimmer (January 2018-December 2018) will be added to your first payment of the year.

Sunshine Swim Center Elk Grove Tadpole, Frog, Sea Star

– $109.00


Sunshine Swim Center Elk Grove Goldfish, Sunfish, Blowfish, Otter, Sting Ray, Sea Turtle, Flying Fish

– $84.000


Sunshine Swim Center Elk Grove Clinics

 – $159.00
Clinic pricing is based on (8) 55-minute lessons. Clinics are part of the swim team program.

Class during the Fall (August, September, October) meets Monday & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays for 4 weeks

Fall Session One – August 6 – August 30
Fall Session Two – September 4 – September 27   (Monday, September 3rd, pool is closed in observance of holiday)
Fall Session Three – October 1 – October 25

Class times Offered (Fall)


Tadpole 4p,6p

Frog  4:30p, 6:30p

Sea Star 4p, 6p

Goldfish  4:30p, 6:30p

Sunfish 4p, 6p

Blowfish 4:30, 6:30p

Otter 4p, 6:30p

StingRay 4:30p

Sea Turtle 6p (Monday & Wednesday Only)

Flying Fish 6p (Tuesday & Thursday Only)

Winter Group Swim Lesson Classes (November and December) meet either Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursday for 4 consecutive weeks.

November Session – October 29 – November 21
December Session – November 26 – December 20

Class times Offered (Winter)


Frog  M/W  or T/Th 4:30p 

Sea Star  M/W or T/Th 4:00p

Goldfish  M/W or T/Th 4:00p

Sunfish  M/W  or T/Th 4:30p

Blowfish  M/W or T/Th 4:30p

Otter M/W or T/Th 4:00p

StingRay M/W or T/Th 4:00p

Sea Turtle (not offered in December for general classes) Visit the Swim Team Page for advanced swimmer options

Flying Fish (not offered in December for general classes) Visit the Swim Team Page for advanced swimmer options

Preparing for Swim Lessons

For many children feeling rushed or unprepared, coupled with a new environment; like the swimming pool can be stressful. Please be punctual.  Swim classes begin promptly on the hour and every half hour.  Your students will be greeted at the pool gate by their instructor.  It is important that they are prepared by having their swim caps on/hair tied back, shoes and cover-ups removed, and goggles in hand.

In order for all participants to get the maximum out of each lesson we ask that after you drop off your swimmer(s) to step back, find a comfortable spot in our observation area, and let the instructors begin the lesson.
To avoid clutter, and possible incidents, around the pool entrance please hold onto your swimmers towels, shoes and clothing.

What if my swimmer cries?

Sometimes when children are unsure of their environment they will cry.  If your child cries in class the best thing for you to do is support your child and their instructor by being patient and reassuring.  It is not easy, as a parent, to step away if you feel your child is distressed but we ask that you find a comfortable seat, preferably not in direct sight of your child, and allow your child, the instructor, and the other students to bond.  After the class is over encourage them for their effort and allow them to tell you about what they learned during class.  Other things that may affect your child’s experience in the water would be; being hungry, thirsty, overly tired, or just waking up from a nap; please take these factors into consideration when scheduling your lessons.

Safety First

Safety on the pool deck begins with sunscreen, hats for observers, and water to drink.  If you don’t bring these supplies with you our registration office has these items available for purchase. In each class we stress the importance of being safe; especially walking around the pool deck. There is a no tolerance policy for; horseplay, swinging, hanging or climbing over the pool fence, running around the deck, in the observation area, bathrooms or locker room.  Help us limit injuries caused by these activities by keeping a watchful eye on our children.  Your safety is our first priority.

Parking at our Facility

During our summer session our parking lot will be very busy. Please be cautious and patient when finding a parking spot.  There is no designated drop-off area at the facility entrance. We ask that you walk your children into Sunshine Swim Center.  We also request you pick them up
poolside and not have them walk out of the facility alone.  We have no way of monitoring the area outside of the facility.

Returned Checks

A reprocessing fee of $25.00 will be collected for checks that are returned due to insufficient funds. This payment in addition to the original payment will need to be made within 3 days of notification of Non Sufficient Funds. Students will not be allowed to participate until payment is made.

Refunds and Cancellations

There are no refunds for SSFC programs.

Group Lesson Make-ups/Cancellations:

If SSFC cancels a class for any reason (such as lightning or accident in the pool) a make-up time will be scheduled for any classes that are stopped prior to 15 minutes into the lesson. If SSFC cannot provide a makeup time, a credit will be issued to the member’s SSFC account.  Partial credits will not be distributed for classes that exceeded the 15 minute mark. If a makeup time is provided, credits will not be issued.

Please do not assume class is cancelled if it is raining. Make ups will not be granted if you choose not to come to class. Rescheduling for missed classes is not available for group lessons.

Private Lesson Make-ups/Cancellations:

A minimum of 24 hours notification is required for a make-up class to be granted; same day cancellations will not be made up.

Class Transfers- Group Lessons/Programs

If your schedule changes and you need to transfer classes, (time/session) you may do so up to 72 hours before the first day of the session. A $15 transfer fee will be due at the time of transfer per a participant. Attempting to drop a class after the final transfer date, will result in loss of spot, no option for transfer or credit for class to your Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center account. It is the responsibility of the family to contact the Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center for any changes in the enrollment of their swimmer(s) prior to 72-hours before the start of the session.

Questions and Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child there is a 5-minute transition period between the classes to briefly speak with their instructor.  You may also bring your questions and concerns to the attention of the managers on deck; Sara Vaughn and Kim Amali, to be addressed at anytime.

Can’t express how happy we are with the coaches, Kim and Sarah are awesome. They listen to your goals and then execute lessons to hopefully meet your expectations. They got my daughter ready for her first year of competitive swimming. You can’t put a dollar amount when your child smiles after swimming!

E. Camarino

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